Blocked? Stuck? Frustrated?
Not healing or moving forward?

Have you been working diligently on your physical or emotional healing, only to hit a roadblock you can't seem to move under, over or around?

Have you tried many healing modalities, many types of bodywork, energy work, coaching or counseling, to no avail, always hitting the same sticking point?

Are you feeling that your vision for your life just won't materialize, even though you're doing "all the right things"?

Do you feel you've lost the momentum, the passion, the clarity you used to have about where you're going in your life? Has some aspect of your life simply ground to a halt?

And, WHAT IF...

What if there were nothing wrong with the work you’ve been doing? What if all you need to do now in order to get the full benefit of all the work you’ve done, is remove the blocks to healing you didn’t know were there?

LifePath Consulting, Patricia Kendall's Journey™ practice, specializes in helping healing professionals and their practice members remove the blocks to fulfilling their vision in a practical way. Journeywork allows you to let go of the hidden blocks to healing and success sitting in your cells, that may be keeping you from moving forward into health, success, and enjoyment in your life. In addition, Journeywork can allow you to feel more alive than you have in a long time and to access your inner wisdom and answers. Available in person or by phone, it walks you through a specific process that connects you to your emotions and your deepest personal intuitive knowledge. A specific whole-self process which has similarities to therapy, meditation and guided visualization, Journeywork is done in a safe and sacred space which allows you to work in a systematic way to get the results you need.

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Here's what one creative professional writes about LifePath Consulting and The Journey:

"Have you encountered stumbling blocks on your road to success? Of course you have, we all have. Do you know what those blocks are? Most of us don't. I know I didn't.

After meeting Pat Kendall of LifePath Consulting I decided to find out what was standing in the way of the success I know I deserve. Pat used the Journey™ process to bring out memories I didn't know existed. It was a personal journey for me to talk face to face with the fears buried deep in my memory cells.

I walked away with an action plan to address issues as they occurred once she was not physically there for me to rely on. Today, I use that feedback in preparation of activities that, in the past, would make me bury my inhibitions and block me from success. Pat Kendall cares deeply about individuals and uses her training and experience to help pave the way to the success I know I deserve.

Whether it's anxiety, depression, or something totally unknown to you, Pat will help you identify and clear your roadblocks. I highly recommend Pat Kendall for anyone struggling with getting the results you are looking for in your life!" --Donna Beaman, Certified Business Coach

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Patricia Kendall, Ph.D. , is an Accredited Journey Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach in private practice in Fort Collins, Colorado since 1994.

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