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Healing and Freedom


Blocked? Stuck? Frustrated? Not healing or moving forward?

Have you been working diligently on your physical or emotional healing, only to hit a roadblock you can't seem to move under, over or around? 

Have you tried many healing modalities, many types of bodywork, energy work, coaching or counseling, to no avail, always hitting the same sticking point? 

Are you feeling that your vision for your life just won't materialize, even though you're doing "all the right things"? 

Do you feel you've lost the momentum, the passion, the clarity you used to have about where you're going in your life? 

Has some aspect of your life simply ground to a halt? 

And, WHAT IF... 

What if there were nothing wrong with the work you’ve been doing? What if all you need to do now in order to get the full benefit of all the work you’ve done, is remove the blocks to healing you didn’t know were there?  

LifePath Consulting specializes in helping clients remove the blocks to fulfilling their vision in a practical way. Via The Journey (see next page) and other deep-work modalities, you access and  let go of the hidden blocks to healing and success sitting in your cells--blocks that may be keeping you from healing, success and a life you love. Available in person or by phone, Jouneywork sessions give you access to your old unfinished business and your deepest intuitive knowledge... and provide a safe and sacred space where you can let go of what no longer serves you and open into true healing and unprecedented freedom.  

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